Contacts and Officials for the Year

Peta Miguel | 0418 905 613

Jana Collier | 0499 088 593

Annie Miguel | 0427 945 027

Publicity Officer
Janelle Schwager | 0407 107 357

Town Show Office
71A Rose Street, Wee Waa
May 12 - May 17, 2017
Saturday 9am - 12 noon
Monday - Wednesday 9.00am - 5.30pm

9am to 5pm, May 18 - 21, 2017


 EntertainmentJana Collier    
 Ring Master Di Kelly  
 Trade Space Steward Jana Collier  
 Showgirl Steward Sue Smith  Entries Closed Winner announced at Show Opening
 Horses Steward Dianne Kelly  On the day
 Showjumping Steward Hannah Dickinson  On the day
 Campdraft Steward  Cancelled for 2018   
 Team Draft Steward Graeme McNair  Saturday 19 May 3.30pm
 Wood Chop Steward Graham Dafter Phillip Melbourne   Saturday, 19 May 1.30pm
 Cattle Steward Janice Holcombe and Judy Michelle   Thursday, 17 May at 4pm
 Sheep Steward Matt Hibbens   Wednesday, 16 May at 4pm
 Wee Waa Has Talent Steward Beth Schwager   Saturday, 19 May at 3.30pm
 Wool Steward David Shorter   Friday, 18 May 9am
 Pet Show Steward Natasha Maxwell   Friday, 18 May at 4pm
 Fruit/Veg Steward Ann Conomos  
 Cooking and Preserves Steward Annie McMahon  Friday, 18 May at 9am
 Handicrafts Steward Francis Drysdale  Wednesday, 16 May at 9.30am at the show office
 Poultry Steward Cancelled for 2018  
 Horticulture Steward Anna Baird   Friday, 18 May 10am at the Jill Ludowici Pavillion
 School work and Hobbies Steward Jamie McDowall  Friday, 18 May, at 5pm deliver to the Wee Waa Public School 
 Photography Steward Leanne Schwager  Tuesday 15 May, 12 Noon to the show office
 Fine Arts Steward Stacey Vogel  Thursday,  17 May 12 Noon to the show office
 Needle Work Steward Helen Haire  Tuesday, 15 May, a 5pm to the show office
 Patchwork Steward Sue Toop  Wednesday 16 May at 5pm./
 Lego and Duplo Steward Susanne Kable  Friday, 18 May at 10.30am
 Show and Shine Steward John Tully  Saturday, 19 May Registrations open between 12pm - 12.45pm
 Baby Show Alyssa Smith  
 ANZ Tug Of WarAnn-Maree Galagher Friday 18 May at 5.30pm in front of the main grandstand
 Barrel RaceJohn Tully Saturday, 19 May, at 5pm
 Farmers ChallengeMatt Jones Saturday, 19 May before 6.30pm
 Pet ShowNatasha Maxwell Friday, 18 May at 4pm
 WoodchoppingGraham Drafter Saturday 19 May before 1.30pm
 Yard Dog SaleMatt Collett Tuesday, 15 May at 5pm to matt.collett@landmark.com


Mr Michael Maxwell

Honorary Life Members:
Mrs M. Brennan, Mr & Mrs M. L. Cameron,
Mrs K. Dewson, Mrs C. Freer, Mr R. Gallaher, Mr & Mrs M. J. Holcombe,
Jack Horne, John & Sue Hunt, Fr. T. Koppman, Mrs B. Mackey, Mrs G.
Parish, Mrs G. Simshauser, Mr John Simshauser, Mr W. H. Smith, Mr Bryan
Turner, Mr Brian McMullin, Mr Bruce Waldron, Mrs Rosemary Barton

President: Peta Miguel
Deputy President:
Immediate Past President: Brett Dickinson
Vice Presidents: Suzanne Kable, Sue Toop
Secretary:  Jana Collier
Public Officer: Sue Smith
Treasurer: Annie Miguel
Publicity Officer: Janelle Schwager
Head Pavilion Steward: Janelle Schwager , Jenny Parish
Showgirl Stewards: Sue Smith
Trade Space Steward: 
District Display Steward: Clinton Freer
Brett Dickinson, Peta Miguel, Alan Galagher, Sue Smith, Sam Collier, Janelle Schwager, Jason Dixon, Michelle Constable, Phillip Melbourne, Graeme & Wendy McNair, Bruce Waldron, Brian McMullin, Janice Holcombe, Matt Collett, Matt Hibbins, Annie Miguel, Helen Haire, Sue Toop, Francis Drysdale, Lisa Pfeffer, Anna Baird, Alana Galagher, John Tully, Sally & Philip Knight, Jocelyn Palmer, Erica & David Shorter, Stephen Hatton, Scott Avery, Michael Maxwell, Natasha Maxwell, Cathryn Halliday, Stacey & Quentin Vogel, Malcolm Cameron, John Simshauser and Claire Allitt, Clinton Freer, Rachael Freer, Tahnee Reynolds, Megan Brummell, Anli Alexander, Anna Fullarton, Ben & Michelle King, Jeffery and Roxannne Whitton, Susanne Kable, Hannah & Dru Dickinson, Ann Conomos, Leanne Schwager, Annie McMahon, Nikita Holland and Grant & Maxine Ambrose. We would like to thank Wee Waa Showground Trust, David Russell, John O’Neill, Graincorp, George Thompson the Wee Waa Men’s Shed, Mark Philp, Namoi Waste, Namoi Valley Christian School, Brian Anderson and many, many other people who continually help every year.