President's Report 2016

It is with great pleasure that I submit my report for 2016 as the President of the Wee Waa Show Society and again congratulate all society members for their continued support and enthusiasm in making the job an enjoyable one. As a committee we should take great pride in the tremendous efforts of our team and members, especially those who continue to go above and beyond and continue to help our Show prosper. 

The Show Society is always looking for new involvement from the community members and I can assure you that as a new member you will have my full support in any contribution that you wish to fulfill. This year the region has endured a season of diverse temperatures and climatic conditions that apparently we must become more accustomed to. I for one am not looking forward to the hotter, drier summers. Most of the district has had a better than average season and it would be great if the Wee Waa Show Society could get someone interested in organising the wheat competition and put our region on the books as being the best wheat growing area in NSW. The ASC is most interested in getting more northern show societies involved in the state wide competition.

Head stewards of each section should be commended for their work! These people are given the responsibility to ask for sponsorship and call on people to participate in that section, and they are determined to make it better than last year, every year. Your help is very much appreciated.

This year saw a return of the Poultry to the showground and with the help of Michelle King and her band of enthusiastic helpers was great to see again. Fantastic to see some feathered fowls in the shed. This year saw the start of the Dressage at the show which was stewarded by Anna Fullerton and Anli Alexander. These ladies are passionate participants of the discipline and it adds another dimension to the shows appeal.

It was very informative and interesting to watch the CARP Diem performance with the very talented John Wood at our 2016 show. This stage play about looking out for yourself and others was very topical and powerful in its message; I enjoyed it and watched people in the audience nodding their heads in agreement at some of the dialogue. We need to ask people around us RUOK more often. This type of entertainment with a meaning, illustrates how diverse, exciting and challenging being the entertainment steward can be. Peta was a little busier then usual with some changes that had to happen at the last minute so that the show could go on. Peta should be commended for her strength of “caricature” and staying “sain” whilst those around her were losing their heads.

Thanks must go to Annie Miguel for taking on the position of treasurer for the year, this is a big job and Annie must be commended for her dedication to keeping the books in order.

Thanks also to the Men’s Shed who have helped the show society with a number of little projects over the last couple of years, and it’s great to have them here at the showground.

The Showground Trust must also be thanked for the work that continues here at the showground to improve and develop the whole area for the better. Mick Maxwell and his band of “merry” men have working bees here to provide better or extra facilities that benefit all the users of this facility.

Lastly, thank you to the each and every person who continues to come forward and help keep a great tradition going - local shows are something that as community, we should be proud of as we have the opportunity to showcase our local agricultural interest to our fellow peers, and visitors. I look forward to the current members welcoming new peers. We have optimal opportunity to grow and engage our community even more, let’s continue to work together as a team. Let’s embrace the 2017 show and make it one of the best ones yet! I look forward to seeing you all there, be sure to bring your families and friends.

Brett Dickinson 
Wee Waa Show Committee