Wee Waa Has Talent 2018


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1pm Saturday, May 19, 2018

Entry Fee: $5.00

Proudly sponsored by Peta Miguel, The Crossing Theatre and Namoi Logistics  

Head Stewards: Beth Schwager & Bec Tully

Contact Details: Beth 0427 941 455 or Bec 0427 955 170

It’s that time of the year when everyone is ready for all the fun show rides, games and most importantly Wee Waa Has Talent! This is an opportunity for Wee Waa to showcase all of its talent. What’s your Talent? Can you sing, dance, play an instrument, do magic, recite poetry, perform a trick? Everyone gets a ribbon. Prizes are up for grabs!


1.       Infants School

2.       Primary Students

3.       High School and Older - Open Section

4.       School Group Section

Each act is responsible for their own music and props. A CD player, iPod connector and AUX input are available upon request.

Judging will based on a point system, for X-Factor, originality, confidence, and costume/presentation. Each act is limited to 2 minutes. Penalties for exceeding time limit will apply. Entry forms available from the Show Office during the week before the show, at each of the Wee Waa Schools Office.  NOTE: Due to time constraints, the number of entrants will be limited this year.

Submit forms to the Head Steward by dropping them to the Show Office with your entry fee, to secure your entry.  

Conditions of Entry:

• Changes to categories may occur pending entries.

• Infant Students must be Grade 3 and under.

• Primary School entrants must be enrolled in a primary school.

• High School entrants must be enrolled in a high school.

• Entrants must report to Secretary’s of office 15 minutes before the event.

• All competitors must pay gate entry fees or be a show member.

• Indemnity form must be completed and signed.

• The decision of relevant judges is final and absolute.