ANZ Tug of War

5:30pm Satuday in front of main grandstand.
Steward: Ann-Maree Galagher 0428 888 449

Wee Waa Has Talent

1pm Saturday, May 20, 2017
Entry Fee: $5.00
Proudly sponsored by: C & D Electronics, Little House on Rose, Freer Family
Head Steward: Rachael Legge
Contact Details: 0439 657 150 or email: rafreer_13@yahoo.com

It’s that time of the year when everyone is ready for all the fun show rides, games and most importantly Wee Waa Has Talent! This is an opportunity for Wee Waa to showcase all of its talent. What’s your Talent? Can you sing, dance, play an instrument, do magic, recite poetry, perform a trick? Everyone gets a ribbon. Prizes are up for grabs!

Sections: 1. Primary School
Infants Students Primary Students
a) Singing & Dance a) Singing & Dance
b) Drama and Poetry b) Drama and Poetry

Sections: 2. High School and Older - Open Section

Sections: 3. Open Poetry
a) Open Own Choice
b) Open Australian

Each act is responsible for their own music and props.
A CD player, iPod connector and AUX input are
available upon request.

Judging will based on a point system, for X-Factor, originality, confidence, and
costume/presentation. Each act is limited to 2 minutes. Penalties for exceeding
time limit will apply.

Entry forms available from the Show Office during the week before the show,
at each of the Wee Waa Schools Office or by emailing: refreer_13@yahoo.com
NOTE: Due to time constraints, the number of entrants will be limited this year. Submit forms to the Head Steward by dropping them to the Little House on Rose with your entry fee, to secure your entry.

Conditions of Entry:
• Changes to categories may occur pending entries.
• Infant Students must be Grade 3 and under.
• Primary School entrants must be enrolled in a primary school.
• High School entrants must be enrolled in a high school.
• Entrants must report to Secretary’s of office 15 minutes before the event.
• All competitors must pay gate entry fees or be a show member.
• Indemnity form must be completed and signed.
• The decision of relevant judges is final and absolute.


Pet Show

4pm, Friday May 19, 2017 at Fred Bullen Pavillion
Head Steward: Natasha Maxwell • Phone: (02) 6796 7289
Stewards: Sue Smith and Annie Miguel.

Entry Fee: $1 per entry. Entry forms must be completed before 3.30pm so
judging can start on time.

Prize Money: 1st - $3.00 & Ribbon; 2nd - $2.00 & Ribbon

Special Regulations for Section E:
I. Open to all School Students and Younger.
2. Exhibitors are responsible for the care and safety of their Pets.
3. No responsibility will be accepted by the Show Committee.
4. Exhibitors must supply their own Pen, Cage or Lead.
5. Competitors may enter as many classes as they wish.
6. Pups and Kittens must have their eyes open.
7. Child handlers only.

All Indemnity Forms must be filled in before Pets can be entered.
1. Largest Pet
2. Smallest Pet
3. Most Unusual Pet
4. Miscellaneous Pet (Rabbit etc.)
5. Short Haired Cat
6. Long Haired Cat
7. Kitten
8. Faithful Friend
9. Toy Dog
10. Large Dog
11. Puppy
12. Insect, Fly or Ant
13. Pet that Enjoys Water
14. Decorated Dog
15. Most knowledge about your pet

All Prize Winners Excluded.

Show & Shine Competition

Saturday May 20, 2017 | All Makes & Models
Steward: John Tully 0457 955 170
$10 per category No limit on how many categories one enters
Registration opens at 12pm – 12:45pm. Judging commences at 1pm on the east side of the ring. Please see the map on page 2.

2017 WEE WAA SHOW UTE OF THE YEAR $150 Prize Money
Proudly sponsored by Max Orman Toyota Wee Waa
Sub Categories
• Country – Prize Money
• Street – Prize Money
$150 Prize Money Proudly sponsored by Namoi Cotton
Sub Categories
• Street – Prize Money
• Best kept original
2017 WEE WAA SHOW 4 X 4 OF THE YEAR $150 Prize Money
Proudly sponsored by GJM Automotive
Sub Categories
• Farm Work Ute
$150 prize money donated by Wee Waa Fishing Club
$150 Prize Money Proudly sponsored by Michael Hamilton
Sub Categories
Original /restored utes & cars
$150 Prize Money Proudly sponsored by Agies Rural Retail


WMG Farmers Challenge 

We welcome teams to take on last year’s winner ‘Merced Farming’

To be held Saturday 20th May 2017 around 7.00pm

Entry: Teams of 4 $100 team nomination fee proceeds to go to the Wee Waa Hospital Auxiliary. Limited number of teams can enter.

Entries close: Saturday May 20, 2017 - For further details, please call Matt Jones on 0447 629 813 or Thomas Schwager on 0428 211 120.


Namoi Tyre Service Barrel Race

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 5pm
For enquiries or entries contact
John Tully 0457 955 170
proudly sponsored by Namoi Tyre Service

No Circle work, dangerous driving or tailgating.
Offenders will be removed and entry fee will not be refunded. All Drivers to be below the legal limit, drivers may be breath tested.

Team Draft

Steward: Graeme McNair 02 6796 2662
Saturday 20th May around 3:30pm.
$15 per team of 3, nominations on the day

1st  2nd  3rd and 4th prizes will be awarded - pending cattle.

Cross Cut Saw

Friday May 19, 2017 | Commences 8.00pm
Come and join in the Competition!
Head Steward: Philip Melbourne (02) 6792 1810
Entries on the Night
Entry Fee: $5 per Team
1st Prize: $25
1. Men’s 2. Ladies 3. Jack & Jill
A Special Competition for School Teams will be held. 1st prize only of $50 cash will be awarded




Saturday May 20, 2017 | Commences 2pm
Stewards: Graham Dafter 6792 3011, Philip Melbourne 6792 1810
Entries Close: Saturday May 20, 2017

Chops will be at the discretion of the stewards.
For further information contact above numbers.
EVENT 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1. 12” U.H. $100 $50 $30 $20
2. 11” S.B. $100 $50 $30 $20
3. 11” U.H. $100 $50 $30 $20
4. Relay $100 $50 $30 $20

Thank you to the following Sponsors:
• VT Melbourne & Co
• Agies
• Delta Ag Narrabri
• PM & AC Melbourne
• Namoi Cotton
• Narrabri Farm Centre
• Tyre Right Narrabri
• Landmark Narrabri
• Kenway and Clark
• Lower Namoi Cotton Grower’s
• Western Veterinary Clinic
• Weel Australia


Lego & Duplo Competition

Head Steward: Susanne Kable 0427 255 251

1st $20 Toyworld Voucher
2nd $15 Toyworld Voucher
3rd $10 Toyworld Voucher

Rules and Conditions:
• Lego and Duplo models must be the name brand, no alternative blocks can be used in the construction of these models.
• All exhibits must be stabilised and secure on a base.
• All entries must not exceed 50cm x 50cm
• Entries must be delivered to the showground between 8.30am and 10.30am Friday, May 19, 2017.
• All exhibits to be marked with Name, Age, Address, Phone Number and Class Number.
• Exhibits to be collected at 10am - noon. Sunday, May 21, 2017.

5 Years & Under
1. Duplo/Lego Kit assembled
2. Non kit, create your own 6 Years to 8 Years
3. Duplo/Lego Kit assembled
4. Non kit, create your own 9 years to 12 years
5. Duplo/Lego kit assembled
6. Non kit create your own


Baby Show

Proudly Sponsored by Wee Waa Show Society, Wee Waa Pharmacy, Wee Waa Post Office and John Burgess Photography.

Saturday May 20, 2017 | 

11am. Registration from 10.30am 

Steward: Alyssa Smith 
Entry Fee: $2

Baby Show Categories;
Little Prince - Boy
Little Princess - Girl

This will be judged in age groups:
1. 0–6 months Boy & Girl
2. 7–18 Months Boy & Girl
3. 19 Months – 3 years Boy & Girl

Novelty Categories; 
Cheekiest smile
Twinning (dressed matching another family member)
This will be judges Boys and Girls mixed overall ages (0-3years)

A ribbon for every participant and overall ‘Champion Baby’ announced from all category winners.

2017 Barrel Race

Saturday May 20, 2017 at 5pm |
Proudly sponsored by Namoi Tyre Service
$400 Prize Money
For all enquiries or entries contact John Tully 0457 955 170

No Circle work, dangerous driving or tailgating Offenders will be removed and entry fee will not be refunded.  All Drivers to be below the legal limit, drivers may be breath tested.